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Cherish Yesterday, Embrace Today, Prepare for Tomorrow

Why Woodbine?

The City of Woodbine is a community with a proud heritage rooted in history. Serving as the County Seat we work hand in hand with Camden County for business growth and the betterment of our community. Whether you enjoy the outdoors, home cooking or just spending time with friends there is something for everyone in Woodbine. Bordered by the Satilla River we are a boater and fishers paradise. We believe in being neighborly and you can still walk down the street and meet people you know or make new friends with visitors. We feel confident that if you choose not to make Woodbine your home, you will always keep a place for Woodbine in your heart.

To request information on moving to Woodbine contact us via our Administrative Contacts page or via email at for a free Information Packet.

Top 10 Reasons to Move to Woodbine

  1. Woodbine has the lowest property tax in a 6 county area! And the lowest utility cost in the entire county! We also enjoy green energy! 2016 the City will be installing a 100kW solar plant to lower our citizens utility cost!
  2. We have a Woodbine time! Fishing, biking, walking, boating, clam bakes, pig roast, kayaking, fire pits, and so much more… you name it we do it!
  3. Natural beauty, woodbine is not polluted with mega buildings that obstruct the natural beauty of the world around us!
  4. Parks! Woodbine has more park space per capita than any city in southern Georgia
  5. City Government, We work hard to ensure we provide each citizen and visitor every resource and information we can provide, we welcome new ideas and embrace the future. The government understands the right to privacy, council will always consider the rights of the citizen before taking action, to ensure we are not infringing on your right as a citizen or home owner.
  6. Nature, Woodbine boost as a Tree City USA, the home of the Satilla RiverKeepers office, fishing along the river and so much more!
  7. Diversity, Woodbine has a mix of retirement families, young families, singles and middle age folk
  8. Future projects, Woodbine has recently undertaken several projects for 2016 including: A new park that will feature outdoor cinema space, walking paths, bike trails, and fitness equipment, Woodbine is starting the process of investing in bike lanes around the City, and we have brand new sidewalks (The City spent a great deal of money ensuring every sidewalk was up to state code and ready for the next 25 years)
  9. Woodbine citizens, we have a thriving and active community, each citizen strives to make woodbine a great place to live!
  10. Woodbine is a very unique place, with very unique people; we enjoy being a small, upbeat, and thriving community, filled with a rich heritage and a bright future.